Testing Accommodations

Do you think your child needs extra time in order to perform well on standardized tests ?

For many children with learning disorders, ADHD, or other psychological diagnosis, the key to success in the classroom is based on individualized instruction, appropriate adaptations, accommodations, and modifications to the curriculum and the classroom environment. These classroom and testing accommodations need to be individualized for students, based upon their needs, and their personal learning styles and interests. A qualified clinician can help you identify what specific interventions are needed.

If your child has been diagnosed by a qualified clinician, they are entitled to modifications under the law (Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act and the IDEA), for standardized tests and all classroom instruction.

The most common accommodations are:

  • Separate location for testing
  • Extended time on testing and assignments
  • Waiver of portion of the test
  • Frequent breaks during tests or in class
  • Oral administration of instructions
  • Changes to the presentation of material (i.e. large font)
  • Use of a computer or specific software
  • Changes to the way student can respond in order to show their learning (i.e. essay vs multiple choice) 
  • Use of scribe, reader, spell check, calculator

It is not guaranteed that your child will get a recommendation or provided with any of these modifications, as each student has different needs.

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