Motherhood: Unconditional Love

Although I have only been a mother for a year now, getting to know my child has truly been an eye opening experience for me. I must admit that motherhood has changed me in many ways. It has made me engage in new things, and makes me want to become an even better version of myself, not only for me, but for my child as well. Who would have known that because of my son I would learn so much about the world? I have rediscovered myself, and my relationship with my husband has only gotten stronger because of my child. He teaches us every single day about the little things in life that matter the most: kindness, humor, innocence, patience, and most of all, pure and unconditional love.

One of the main and most important things that I have come to learn since I have become a mother to my son is to embrace the gift of unconditional love. Not only have I learned to love my son unconditionally, but also myself. This is a very important aspect in life, because you simply cannot give something that you do not have within you. If we do not love ourselves unconditionally, then how can we expect to love others in this way? 

What it actually means to love yourself

I do believe that, to truly love yourself, you have to accept everything about yourself, including your flaws. Everybody has something that they do not like about themselves, or something that they wish they could change. Regardless of this, to truly love yourself unconditionally, you have to accept yourself just the way you are - inside and out. You also need to be kind to yourself, not just to others. Empower yourself by giving that pat on the back when you deserve it, or by telling yourself you did well today! There are many people out there that seem to struggle when it comes to this, but the thing is that in order for you to love yourself, you need to have that sense of confidence, and you must always remember that you are unique, created and designed in your own special way. There is and can never be anyone quite like you. This is one journey that you must take, and you must practice small little things that make you want to fall in love with yourself every day. You are so worth it, and so is your child!

How to love yourself unconditionally:

  • Let go of the past - you deserve a fresh new start. There are many people out there who have had difficult moments in their lives, but now it is time to let go and love yourself unconditionally. We are not saying that you should bury your past. No, what we say is that you should acknowledge past mistakes or failures, and merely put them behind you and move forward. Forgiveness is the key to a happier future.

  • Remind yourself daily of your self worth - whether it is on the mirror of your bathroom or on the refrigerator in your kitchen, leave positive notes for yourself so you can see it every day. Little things to encourage yourself - ‘’I am beautiful inside and out” or “I am perfectly imperfect. “ You can write anything that will make you feel good about yourself. Read these messages out loud every day to inspire you even more.

  • Embrace and accept who you are, just the way you are - imperfections and all. Even when you are not happy with certain things about yourself, don’t be judgmental. If we constantly judge ourselves, we will judge our children. Treat yourself as if you were a child who is feeling upset and judged. What would you say to that child? I bet that you would find kindness and compassion in your heart for that child.

  • Treat yourself as you would treat your child - with love, patience, and kindness. Pay attention to your needs and take care of yourself.

  • Connect with yourself. Take a few minutes every day for yourself. It helps to recharge and energize.

  • Accept where you are right now - learn to accept your particular situation. Instead of focusing on negatives, find ways to focus on the positives and do that more.

  • Practice gratitude. Gratitude reminds you of the positive things in your life, and it turns bad things into good things. Gratitude reminds us what’s important.

  • Develop relationships where you feel loved and appreciated - it’s important to be around people that accept and love us just the way we are, and also help us grow.

Learning to love ourselves unconditionally is hard work and takes practice. Commit to implementing one or two of these suggestions every day. If you make that decision, it is very possible that you may start enjoying the benefits immediately. Your life can get easier, and you may experience more happiness, more confidence, and less need to please others.  Isn't this a great place to parent?

Remember - to truly love unconditionally, we need to love ourselves first, so that we can express that same love to our children. So if you wish to truly give your kids the best, give them the best of you, because they deserve it!