Child and Family Therapy

Dr. Karen Caraballo has extensive experience working with families in a variety of settings. Family Therapy is an alternative for parents that are concerned about their child’s socio-emotional or academic functioning, but do not need a comprehensive evaluation. These services are intended for families that are seeking assistance in order to identify or clarify concerns about their child or adolescent.

Our Child and Family Therapy services provide a relationship in which the family and Dr. Karen Caraballo, can collaboratively delineate the problem and consider options available for resolution.  Her main priority is to create a setting in which families feel comfortable, understood and free to express themselves.  

Child and Family Therapy Services are Appropriate for Families Facing a Variety of Challenges:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Behavioral Problems: aggression, shyness, adjusting to new circumstances, sibling rivalry
  • Emotional Issues: depression, anxiety, mood swings, low self-esteem
  • Social Difficulties: difficulty making friends, difficulty sustaining friendships and bullying
  • Academic Difficulties & Learning Disabilities: dyslexia, lack of progress at school, exam related stress
  • Parenting Issues: parent-child relationship difficulties, parenting guidance, difficulties handling your child's new stage of development, excessive worry about how to parent your child
  • Developmental Concerns: eating difficulties, toileting issues, and sleeping difficulties
  • Family Conflict: parental separation or divorce, alcoholism, defective communication, Blended families, conflicts with partner about how to discipline your child 
  • Migration & Acculturation

These services are also appropriate for families that completed an evaluation with us and need assistance implementing recommendations.

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