Are you worried that your child has a potential learning disability, ADHD, developmental delays, Behavioral Problems, Depression, or Anxiety? 

Are you having a hard time understanding what you or/and your child are going through?

Are you looking for specific strategies to help your child thrive?

We would like to help. We understand that the emotional stress a parent experiences when a child is struggling, can be exhausting and can impact the family as a whole. Despite children and modern families facing many complex issues, parents often still feel ashamed, responsible, discouraged, or hopeless when their child is having problems. Seeking help from a child psychologist does not mean you have failed as a parent. Rather, it means you recognize your child or adolescent is hurting or challenged. You are the best expert on your child and you know when something just isn't working. We can help you answer questions about such difficulties. Together we can develop a plan to help your child succeed. A timely evaluation with an experienced child clinical psychologist is the key to finding the answers that you need to help your child's overall future, educational progress, and emotional well-being. 

What We Do

We offer a unique service aimed at the development of self confidence in children and adolescents through comprehensive psychological testing, and child and family therapy, and parent support. NYCCPS specializes in evaluation, assessment, diagnosis of a variety of  behavioral, emotional, developmental, and academic issues. We offer comprehensive psychological, school neuropsychological, and psychoeducational evaluations, as well as consultation services for Learning Disabilities (LD) [such as: Dyslexia, Writing and Math Disorders], Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)AnxietyDepression, Developmental Disorders, Sensory Integration Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Memory and Processing Disorders. Our practice works with diverse families, students, schools, foster care agencies, and in legal matters. 

Who We Are

NYC Comprehensive Psychological Services, P.C., (NYCCPS) is a  New York based child and family psychology service, run by Dr. Karen Caraballo, providing quality psychological care for children and adolescents and their families.


Dr. Karen Caraballo is an experienced and compassionate Bilingual (Spanish) Child and Family Psychologist in  New York, N.Y., who has worked extensively with children and adults. She adopts a collaborative approach in providing comprehensive psychological assessment, treatment, and support to individuals, families, and schools. Her mission at NYCCPS is to promote individual achievement and personal growth at home and at school, thorough accurate diagnostic assessment that leads to comprehensive treatment and interventions.  

Psychological Testing

NYC Comprehensive Psychological Services, P.C.  provides comprehensive school neuropsychological, psycho-educational and psychological evaluations for children and adolescents. 


For many children with learning disorders, ADHD, or other psychological diagnosis the key to success in the classroom is based on individualized instruction, accommodations and modifications to the curriculum and the classroom environment.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy services are an alternative for parents that are concerned about their child’s socio-emotional or academic functioning, but do not need a comprehensive evaluation.

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